10 Superhero Movies That Defined the Genre

     June 3, 2019


While the superhero movie genre has certainly hit its stride over the last decade or so, it’s been around for much longer and went through a number of fits and starts to get here. There have been films that offered a groundbreaking take on comic book material that forced audiences to look at the genre a different way; there have been films that shook up the formula just enough to kick-start a new trend; and there have been films that have set the superhero genre back.

With superhero films like Logan in the rearview and The New Mutants on the way, which stretch the limits of the genre even further, now seemed like an appropriate time to look back at 10 movies that evolved the superhero movie genre in a significant way. Some for good, some for bad, but all certainly had an effect on the genre as a whole and the films that came after.

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