14 Seconds of Upcoming NEW MOON Trailer Accurately Sells the Film

     August 11, 2009


“Twilight” fans and I have come to an understanding.  While I do not enjoy or respect the books, I admire their passion and while it may seem silly for them to squeal* for just 14 seconds of a new trailer, “Star Wars” fans would have done the exact same thing in 1998 for a look at “The Phantom Menace”.

We’ve also found that we share a common love of rippling abs and from what I could tell from the presentation at Comic-Con, that’s what the film is about.  It’s just hot guys taking off their shirts in slow motion.  This 14-second trailer clip hints at the many, many abs that “New Moon” will bring to ab-lovers everywhere, myself included.

Hit the jump to see the delicious 14 seconds.  “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” and its large supply of abdominal muscles hits theatres on November 20th.

Thanks to EW for providing the embeddable trailer, which you can see in its entirety when it premieres in front of “Bandslam” this Friday.

*Which is that faint, high-pitched noise you’re hearing right now.

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