First Trailer for Jackie Chan Epic 1911

     May 29, 2011


Jackie Chan’s next film, the historical epic 1911, is billed as his 100th feature.  This appears to be mostly marketing math to capitalize on the centennial of the subject matter, “the founding of the Republic of China when nationalist forces led by Sun Yat-sen (Winston Chao) overthrew the Qing Dynasty.”  The first trailer is online, and looks suitably heroic.

Chan co-directed the movie with cinematographer Zhang Li (Red Cliff).  1911 is set for a day-and-date release in the United States and China on October 11.  Watch the trailer after the break.

As Bleeding Cool noted when writing about the trailer, Chan is credited as “general director” while Zhang receives the more traditional “director” credit.  Since this is a war movie, I assume Chan was focused on advising the actors playing generals — Zhang took care of the rest.

Jokes aside, Chan has always been very involved with the below-the-line side of his movies when it comes to the stunts.  Below is a clip of Chan choreographing a 1911 fight — it’s always a treat to watch the innovator at work.



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