Neil Patrick Harris Continue to Rule All Awards Show with the Opening Number for the 2013 Tony Awards

     June 10, 2013


Last night, Neil Patrick Harris hosted the Tony Awards for the fourth time, and he was spectacular as ever.  It’s the kind of performance that makes you want him and the show’s producer to run every awards show from the Oscars all the way down to your local high school’s academic achievement awards.  We all expect that the live award show honoring live stage shows should be the best, and the Tonys rarely disappoint as you’ll see from last night’s opening number.  It’s a credit to everyone involved that they can make it entertaining even though most home viewers won’t have seen the shows being referenced in the number (although they’ll at least get the jab at Tom Hooper‘s poor direction of Les Miserables).  And of course, it’s Harris at the center who always manages to bring the house down.

Hit the jump to watch NPH literally jump through hoops for your entertainment.