Collider’s Most Anticipated Films of 2016

     January 5, 2016


A new year is upon us, and with it a whole slew of new films to look forward to. 2016 is as appealing as any year, but it brings with it a fair share of unique opportunities in the world of film, from bold takes on the superhero genre to excitingly unusual stories from some of our greatest living filmmakers. Of course 2016 will no doubt also offer plenty of surprises, which are impossible to anticipate, but as we step foot into a new year, the staff decided to run down what movies we’re most looking forward to seeing in 2016.

An important note before we begin: this list was assembled by having each writer craft his or her own personal list of the 20 most anticipated films of 2016, assigning a numeric points value to each choice (the #1 choice gets 20 points, #2 gets 19, etc.) and then compiling all the individual lists together and, statistically, adding up the points of each film mentioned to result in this here final list. There are plenty more movies we’re all looking forward to that didn’t make the cut, from Assassin’s Creed to The Light Between Oceans to Keanu, so this is not a be-all, end-all list, but is instead a fun way to see what the Collider staff as a whole is most looking forward to seeing.

The following was compiled from the personal lists of staffers Adam Chitwood, Matt Goldberg, Haleigh Foutch, Dave Trumbore, Perri Nemiroff, Chris Cabin, and Brian Formo.

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