Christina Radish’s Best TV of 2017: From ‘The Punisher’ to ‘American Gods’

     December 29, 2017

christina-radish-best-of-tv-2017With so many TV shows to choose from, on broadcast networks, cable channels and various streaming services, there is no shortage of dramas and comedies. It would be impossible to watch them everything, even if you wanted to, but since I do watch a fair amount, all over the map, I like to highlight the stand-outs for me, every year.

Compelling storytelling, superb performances and exciting new worlds to watch and explore are all things that make an audience want to stick with characters and watch them through their ups and downs. And while some shows prove that they get better with age, there are some great new ones to take the place of those that are bidding farewell. Here are my selections for the biggest stand-outs of 2017 (and be aware that there may be some spoilers).

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