21 Horror Movies to Get Hyped About in 2018

     January 18, 2018


2017 was a groundbreaking, record-shattering year in horror cinema. Films like IT and Get Out dominated the cultural conversation and killed it at the box office, making last year the highest-grossing year of all time for horror movies to the tune of more than $730 million domestically. Meanwhile, films like mother! and It Comes at Night crawled under the skin and fostered challenging, sometimes contentious discussions about how we define the genre. Horror has always been an under-sung backbone of the the industry, but it’s rarely become such an overtly influential part of the zeitgeist. Which is to say that 2018 sure has a lot to live up to.

Fortunately, this year’s lineup is stacked with all kinds of promising horror releases, From indie auteurs that promise to spark up new debates to studio fare and big-budget crowd-pleasers, the 2018 haul includes strange and intellectual otherworldly explorations like Annihilation and The Endless, the return of iconic horror franchises like Hellraiser and Halloween, a giant shark movie, a serial killer drama from Lars Von Trier (god help us all), a Christmas zombie musical, and a whole lot more. Get the details on all the most anticipated horror movies of the year in the list below.

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