Alloy Entertainment To Develop 2084 Film with 24 Showrunner Howard Gordon and FINAL DESTINATION Writer/Director James Wong

     July 18, 2011

2084 Film Howard Gordon and James Wong slice

Although Alloy Entertainment may be best known for creating TV shows on the CW network, they are starting to make serious strides to play on the silver screen. According to THR, their latest project finds them partnered with the showrunner of 24, Howard Gordon, and Final Destination writer/director James Wong on an original property titled 2084. Described as a mixture of 1984 and The Terminator, the project was conceived by Gordon and Wong who intend to develop it as a film property and young adult novel series. In fact, HarperCollins has already bought the rights for three young adult novels. For more on the project, including a description of the storyline, hit the jump.

2084 bookAlthough it’s not much to go off of, THR says the film is “set in the late 21st century, a time where robots, once created to aid humans and fight wars, now control the population’s every move.” With the dystopian setting clearly established, I have to wonder whether the series will depict the war that likely broke out or if they will simply go forward. The novels, written by first-time author Gregg Rosenblum, should help lend a hand in fleshing out more of the backstory when they are published. Alloy’s Leslie Morgenstein and Bob Levy will produce the film with Gordon and Wong serving as executive producers. While Gordon seems like a likely candidate to make the silver screen jump, no mention was made of who would be directing 2084.

Gordon and Wong have stayed perpetually busy through the years. Gordon may be well known for running Fox’s hit 24, but he also worked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and The X-Files. He also co-created Showtime’s upcoming Homeland and is executive producing NBC’s Awake, something I am personally excited to see more of at Comic-Con. Oh, and Gordon also wrote his first novel, Gideon’s War, earlier this year that seems heavily inspired by his years on 24.

As for Wong, most will know him for kicking off the Final Destination film franchise, and continuing it with Final Destination 3. However, he has had less success on the television front, most recently serving as a writer and co-executive-producer on NBC’s canceled The Event. This is the third original property that has been pushed forward by Alloy Entertainment in the last few weeks, with Joe Ballarini writing a treatment of the upcoming young adult novel series The Robot and best-selling young adult novel series The Luxe being developed as a film property with Paramount’s Fake Empire shingle.

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