Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller Talk 22 JUMP STREET, the Amazing Ending Credits, and the Blu-ray; Reveal it Has 45 Minutes of Deleted Scenes

     June 10, 2014


Opening this weekend is 22 Jump Street, the fantastic sequel from directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller.  As most of you already know, the film finds Channing Tatum  and Jonah Hill reprising their undercover cop roles from the first movie, as they are now tasked with infiltrating a college campus.   Loaded with great jokes and fantastic performances from Tatum, Hill, and the rest of the cast (Ice CubeNick Offerman Amber StevensPeter StormareRob RiggleDave Franco, Jillian Bell, and Craig Roberts), 22 Jump Street should absolutely be seen in a theater this weekend.  You’ll love it.  For more on the film, watch these clips and behind-the-scenes footage or click here for all our previous coverage.

At the New York City press day, I landed an exclusive video interview with Phil Lord and Chris Miller.   They talked about being on Twitter when the first press screening was ending, the  amazing end credits and how they made it happen, if they’d be willing to make another Jump Street movie, deleted scenes and why they were cut, and more.  In addition, they reveal that the 22 Jump Street Blu-ray will have 45 minutes of deleted scenes and a special cut of the film that’s only dramatic scenes–no jokes at all.  The running time of that cut is 10 minutes!  Hit the jump to watch the interview.

22-jump-street-deleted-scenes-chris-miller-phil-lordAnd one last thing…when you see 22 Jump Street this weekend, make sure you stay till the very end of the credits.  It’s worth it.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller:

  • Were they watching Twitter the second the first press screening ended?
  • Deleted scenes talk and why they were cut.
  • Miller says the Blu-ray will have 45 minutes of deleted scenes.
  • They reveal Blu-ray will also have a cut of the film that cuts out anything that’s supposed to be a joke.  The running time is 10 minutes.  It’s called “The dramatic and unfunny cut.”
  • They talk about the amazing ending credits and how they came together (without spoilers).  Miller says they originally had a different ending that was more of a downer.  The new ending credits were shot in a day and with the help of a lot of favors.
  • Would they be willing to make another Jump Street movie?

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