22 New Images from INDIANA JONES and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

     May 7, 2008

Paramount has finally released the press kit for the upcoming “Indiana Jones” movie, so posted below are 22 new images from the film. Also, with the release of all these images, it means movie clips should be online within days.

While I know many of you are trying to be spoiler free for the film, you’re about to be bombarded with news and info on “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” so good luck making it to opening day.

And…here’s a warning…Paramount is screening the movie for the media on the 18th of this month, which is a good 4 days before you’ll be able to pay to see it. What that means is…plenty of reviews will flood both the internet and TV, so you might want to go electronic free starting when you wake up that day. I know you won’t…but that’s D-Day for reviews.

While rumors are the new Indy film isn’t all that (sorry to say it…wish it wasn’t true), I’m beyond excited to see Harrison Ford play the iconic character once again and I really hope he’s got some magic left and I’ll believe in Indy one last time.

I want the movie to be great. My fingers are crossed.

Anyway, here are all the new images that have just been released.

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