23 Second Teaser for BEASTLY, an Updated Version of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

     November 23, 2009


We’re going to need a new word for a trailer that’s shorter than a teaser.  The first teensy-tiny-teaser for Beastly, a modern-day spin on the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast has come online and it’s 23 seconds long.  It’s actually 17 seconds because the MPAA green-band is on screen for six seconds.  The trailer informs us that the young protagonist (Alex Pettyfer) is our “ugliness turn inside out,” after goth girl Kendra (Mary-Kate Olson) puts a curse on him.  But Vanessa Hudgens sees the beauty inside because she’s hot and he’s hot too but he’s just under a curse so it’s not his fault.  They find a connection but without singing and dancing house hold items, why bother?  However, Neil Patrick and Peter Krause also star so that’s something.

Click here to take the 23 seconds to see the first footage from Beastly.  The film opens in July 2010.

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