3 Clips from THE FOURTH KIND Starring Milla Jovovich

     October 28, 2009


On November 6th, Universal is releasing “The Fourth Kind” and to help promote the film, they’ve provided us with three clips which you can watch after the jump.  If you missed the featurette we previously posted, you should definitely check it out as the film looks pretty cool.  But with Paramount’s “Paranormal Activity” still making tons of money at the box office, it’ll be interesting to see if “The Fourth Kind” can attract moviegoers.  I’ve heard good things about “The Fourth Kind”, so that should help…

Here’s the synopsis:

1n 1972, a scale of measurement was established for alien encounters. When a UFO is sighted, it is called an encounter of the first kind. When evidence is collected, it is known as an encounter of the second kind. When contact is made with extraterrestrials, it is the third kind. The next level, abduction, is the fourth kind. This encounter has been the most difficult to document…until now. Structured unlike any film before it, The Fourth Kind is a provocative thriller set in modern-day Nome, Alaska, where-mysteriously since the 1960s-a disproportionate number of the population has been reported missing every year. Despite multiple FBI investigations of the region, the truth has never been discovered. Here in this remote region, psychologist Dr. Abigail Tyler (Milla Jovovich) began videotaping sessions with traumatized patients and unwittingly discovered some of the most disturbing evidence of alien abduction ever documented. Using never-before-seen archival footage that is integrated into the film, The Fourth Kind exposes the terrified revelations of multiple witnesses. Their accounts of being visited by alien figures all share disturbingly identical details, the validity of which is investigated throughout the film.

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