3 Movie Clips from ADAM – Bought by Fox Searchlight at Sundance

     February 1, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Note: Due to interviewing over 30 people and being provided with movie clips to almost every film at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, it’s taken some time to post everything on the site. The goal is to be finished with all the Sundance stuff this week. In case you’ve missed clips or video interviews, look for a big wrap-up article when it’s all online.

One of my favorites from this year’s Sundance Film Festival was director Max Mayer’s “Adam”. The film is a love story between an elementary school teacher and aspiring children’s book author (Rose Bryne) and her neighbor Adam (Hugh Dancy), a man with Asperger’s Syndrome.

While the story is pretty straightforward, it’s the performances of both Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne that make this movie. Both are dynamite in their scenes together and Hugh’s performance is especially great.

And while many Sundance movies don’t find a home and sometimes are never heard from again, “Adam” was bought by Fox Searchlight, so you’ll all be able to see it later this year. Trust me, the film was really well done and it’s definitely going to do well with mainstream audiences. In the public screening I saw, the film played extremely well.

Anyway, while you have to wait till the end of the year to see “Adam”, I was provided with 3 clips so you can see a bit of it now. And here’s the official synopsis:

Adam (Hugh Dancy) lives alone in the apartment he used to share with his recently deceased father. His life is very structured — he eats the same dinners every night, goes about his work as an electric engineer without interruption and regularly visits his Dad’s old friend, Harlan (Frankie Faison) — because he finds it difficult to be with others. When Beth (Rose Bryne), an elementary school teacher and aspiring children’s book author, moves into his building, the two become friends of sort. Gradually Adam’s romantic desires give him the impetus to emerge from his shell. He manages to his uses his unique, often funny, and sometimes painful social skills to connect in a way he never has before.

Although attracted to Adam, Beth is getting over a bad break-up and wonders to her parents (Amy Irving and Peter Gallagher) if it’s possible to fully trust the person you love. But with Adam, she’s continually drawn to his gentle unusualness and finds herself wanting to spend more and more time with him, learning the things he’s passionate about, like space exploration and nature, and working with him to open up his world to more experiences and opportunities. With their shared sense of childlike wonder and creativity, they fall in love and together find the strength and compassion to move forward in life.

Clip 1 – Adam, I’m having lunch

Clip 2 – Were you excited

Clip 3 – Adam meets the parents

Director Max Mayer

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