Anthony Hopkins Joins Fernando Meirelles’ 360; Eminem and Frances McDormand in Talks

     September 29, 2010


Development on 360, an adaptation of the 1900 Arthur Schnitzler play La Ronde, has been shaping up splendidly.  The script from Frost/Nixon scribe Peter Morgan (+1) has lured director Fernando Meirelles (+1) and Rachel Weisz (+1) on board the project.  According to Production Weekly, Anthony Hopkins has signed on to co-star (+1), with Frances McDormand (+1) and Eminem (+1) in talks to join.  For those keeping score, that’s five “Brendan Points,” an impressive total at this early stage in production. More after the jump.

eminem_image_03Morgan, Hopkins, and Weisz are all proven quantities, and Meirelles and Eminem (a fun pairing in print and in spirit) have each shown enough of a spark on film that I’d love to see replicated. 360 sounds like it could be the first Meirelles film to live up to the kinetic promise of City of God.  Likewise, Eminem could do well in transitioning into an acting career, and 360 is the type of film that justifies the necessary respect (360 : Eminem :: The Social Network : Justin Timberlake).  Rap is a young man’s game, and Mr. Mathers has already proven that he can both carry a film (8 Mile) and steal a scene (Funny People).  If that’s not acting, then I don’t know what is.

Here’s some background info on La Ronde, which has inspired countless other adaptations:

[La Ronde] scrutinizes the sexual morals and class ideology of its day through a series of encounters between pairs of characters (shown before or after a sexual encounter). By choosing characters across all levels of society, the play offers social commentary on how sexual contact transgresses boundaries of class… The titles of the play—in German Reigen and in French La Ronde—refer to a round dance, as portrayed in the English nursery rhyme Ring a Ring o’ Roses. The imagery suggests the transmission and diffusion of venereal disease (specifically syphilis) throughout all social classes. [Wikipedia]

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