Shooting Has Started on Stalker Thriller 388 ARLETTA AVENUE :) Starring Nick Stahl, Mia Kirshner, and Devon Sawa

     December 2, 2010


Shooting has begun on writer-director Randall Cole’s Hitchcockian thriller 388 Arletta Avenue :). Don’t be put off by the annoying smiley, the film is described as a “wickedly smart mystery-thriller” by executive producer Vincenzo Natali (Splice), which sees a slight change in direction for Cole, who usually helms comedies (he directed Real Time in 2008 and the disappointing rom-com 19 months in 2002). The film plays with ever present fears surrounding the use and abuse of technology, specifically CCTV, and details a scenario in which a deadly stalker is able to constantly spy on and manipulate a couple using hidden cameras. It’s not a particularly star studded cast, but then horrors never are. The film features Nick Stahl (Sin City), Mia Kirshner (Vampire Diaries) and Devon Sawa (Final Destination) and will be produced by Splice producer Steve Hoban, and Mark Smith (The Spine). Hit the jump for the full synopsis and more.

vincenzo_natali_01Here’s the official synopsis:

Shot from the point of view of hidden cameras, the film follows a thirty-something couple, James and Amy Deakin, as they are secretly videotaped 24/7 by a mysterious stalker in their home, on the streets and at their workplace. The stalker uses information gleaned from the footage to subtly manipulate the unsuspecting couple and cracks in their relationship surface. When Amy suddenly vanishes, James is not sure whether she has been abducted or has simply left him. As the acts of the tormentor become more twisted and violent, James desperately tries to figure out who is behind the terror in order to save his wife. But it seems the stalker is always one move ahead…

Vincenzo Natali (pictured right) says 388 Arletta Avenue :) is “a story that could not have existed until recently thanks to the astonishing and invasive technology that is now widely available. The fact that it is possible makes it truly terrifying.”

Director Randall Cole goes further, suggesting that “if you could scratch to beneath the surface of what most supposedly ordinary people present to the world, and even to themselves, you would find very interesting and possibly very dark things. If exploited, some of those things could even result in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, as it does for our lead character.” Well I’m definitely sold on the premise, it sounds intriguing.

Filming is taking place in Toronto and we can expect a 2011 release date.

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