4 Clips from the Season 8 SMALLVILLE Premiere

     September 16, 2008

With the season premiere of “Smallville” set to air this Thursday night, I’ve just been given 4 clips from the episode and they’re all below. Actually, along with the clips, I was sent the actual premiere and I just watched it.

As a “Smallville” fan from the beginning, I’m sorry to report I thought the episode was only okay. They did a good job of resolving what happened on the finale and also a good job of setting up the season. But…the episode felt a little low budget. “Smallville” always has great premiere’s and finales, and compared to previous season’s, I wasn’t as impressed.

However, if you’re a fan of Clark Kent with glasses….make sure you watch the new beginning. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but the one thing the episode does very well is set up Clark having a dual identity and a preview of it is shown during the opening credits. While you normally might forward over them…I’d watch this years.

Again, not a terrible premiere, just not as great as previous seasons. Still worth watching of course! Anyway, watch some of the clips below…and clip 4 is a big set up for the rest of the year….

Season 8 Premiere Commercial

Clip 1 – Lois and Tess meet

Clip 2 – What are you looking at

Clip 3 – Clark and Lois fight to escape

Clip 4 – Clark and Lois at the Daily Planet

Smallville Comic Con Panel 2008

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