5 New SPEED RACER Posters and 8 New Images

     April 11, 2008

The Wachowski Brothers “Speed Racer” movie is only a month away from driving into theaters and with the fast approaching release date, new images and posters are online. While some of them might’ve already been released, since I’ve never posted them on Collider, I put up everything that’s never been on the site below.

But before getting to the new images and posters…if you’ve been waiting to hear about the movie and if it’s good or bad…the movie’s press junket is next weekend. What that usually means is reviews hit the net around that time. So if you’re curious if the Wachowski’s have delivered a great movie…expect to find out within a week. Also, with the junket next weekend, you can expect movie clips to be released around that time as well.

And one last thing….in a surprise to no one, the Wachowski’s aren’t doing any press.

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