5 Video featurettes on the making of James Bond QUANTUM OF SOLACE

     October 18, 2008

As everyone knows, there is a new James Bond movie about to open and it’s called “Quantum of Solace.” In the film – which starts just one hour after “Casino Royale” ended – 007 attempts to track down who is responsible for what happened to Vesper. Along the way, he learns no one can be trusted and that he must kill or be killed to survive.

To say I’m excited to see this new Bond movie would be a pretty big understatement. I loved “Casino Royale,” and since “Quantum” starts where “Casino” ended, I’m hoping this is the beginning of the Bond franchise starting and stopping where the previous movie left off. While it might be a lot to ask of the audience, if they keep making Bond movies as good as “Casino Royale,” I believe most moviegoers will have no problems paying attention. After all…it seems to have worked out pretty well for the “Bourne” franchise…

Anyway, the press junket for Bond is this weekend here in Los Angeles, so the first screening is tonight for TV press and tomorrow for people doing print interviews… meaning me. So while I’d love to tell you what I thought before watching these video featurettes…sorry, but you’ll have to wait. But I promise to say a few words before the interviews that will be running soon.

Until then, here are 5 video featurettes on the making of “James Bond: Quantum of Solace.” And in case you missed them, I’ve also posted 8 movie clips and 3 TV spots from the movie, so click here to watch those.

Featurette 1 – Shooting gets underway

Featurette 2 – Locations

Featurette 3 – The Bond girls

Featurette 4 – The pressure and the director

Featurette 5 – The music

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