6 MONTH RULE – 3 “Rule” Clips from Blayne Weaver’s Next Movie

     May 10, 2010

Tyler Watts lives by certain rules. The most important is the “6 Month Rule” which states that there is no woman you can’t get over in six months. When his best friend gets dumped, Tyler takes him under his wing and sets out to teach him the rules of being single.  As he educates his reluctant pupil, Tyler meets a girl who makes him question everything he thinks he knows.

That’s the official synopsis for Blayne Weaver’s (Weather Girl) new film 6 Month Rule.  Starring Weaver, Jaime Pressly, Martin Starr, Dave Foley, John Michael Higgins, Natalie Morales, Patrick J. Adams and Vanessa Branch, the movie wrapped about two months ago and they’re aiming to premiere at this year’s Toronto Film Festival.  Like the synopsis says, the movie is about a womanizer who enjoys being single and avoiding emotional attachment.

While they haven’t yet released a trailer, we’ve been given 3 “rule” clips to premiere.  Each one is about 6-8 seconds and they’re all together in one video.  Check them out after the jump:

For more on the film, here’s the twitter and Facebook links.  The producers are Brandon Barrera & Steak House.

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