6 Movie Clips from IRON MAN

     April 25, 2008

Finally opening next weekend is “Iron Man.” For all of us online folks, it feels like we’ve been covering the film forever. Actually, I’ve probably written more news and interview intros for “Iron Man” than any other movie this past year. And, thankfully, everything I’ve heard about the film is great.

The only thing that’s left to argue about is…just how much money will the movie make opening weekend. Because while Paramount/Marvel will be probably be happy with anything over 50 Million, I think this movie is going to open even bigger. While I hesitate to compare the box office of “Iron Man” to James Cameron’s “Aquaman,” I really think if the movie is playing on enough screens, it could get close to 100 million by Monday morning.

You’ve got to remember, the film now opens Thursday night at 8pm. That means not only do they get the box office from the 8pm show, but the 11 and midnight as well.

The fact is, no matter what it makes opening weekend, this movie is going to be a monster. And for fans of the comic book that only means one thing…sequels.

And with that…enjoy the 6 movie clips.

Movie Clip 1 – Interview

Movie Clip 2 – Pepper´s birthday gift

Movie Clip 3 – Make baby bottles

more clips on page 2 ——->


Movie Clip 4 – Let’s see what this thing can do

Movie Clip 5 – Out of breathe

Movie Clip 6 – Deploy flaps

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