7 Clips and 2 Trailers from DEAD SNOW – Premiered at Sundance

     January 21, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

While sales at this year’s Sundance have been relatively quiet, a number of movies have sold for distribution in the United States and around the world. Matt wrote an article about what had sold as of yesterday. Click here to read it.

Anyway, a movie that just sold is Norway’s “Dead Snow”. While I could go on and on about the film with a long winded synopsis…all you need to know is….it features Nazi zombies! I don’t think anyone can argue with a movie that features Nazi zombies.

So…to help promote the film, we’ve been given 7 movie clips and 2 trailers. Since I’m sure you’re curious…take a look. And here’s the synopsis in case you want to read it.

For eight medical students, Easter vacation begins innocently enough. They pack their cars full of ski equipment and enough beer to fuel their escape from everyday life to the snowy, isolated hills outside of Øksfjord, Norway. Once there, they receive a late-night visit from a shady hiker, who tells them a story about Nazi occupation of the area during World War II. After doing their fair share of raping and pillaging, the dreaded battalion faced a brutal and vengeful uprising by the citizens of the town. The soldiers who managed to survive the onslaught, including their dreaded leader Colonel Herzog, were driven into the hills by the angry mob, where they supposedly froze to death, never to be seen again. But if the horror genre has taught us anything, it’s that the raucous behavior and promiscuity of the younger generation always have a way of bringing evil spirits back to life.Director Tommy Wirkola pulls no punches in the carnage department—heads roll, blood flows, and entrails ooze as the young vacationers attempt to make it through the night. Wirkola adeptly utilizes the snow’s eerie and ominous backdrop to its fullest extent while orchestrating this wickedly gory, yet somehow delightful, tale of Nazi zombie terror.

Dead Snow Teaser Trailer

Dead Snow Trailer

Clip 1 – In the bathroom

Clip 2 – Walking in the snow

Clip 3 – Remember what I said

Clip 4 – Block the doors

Clip 5 – In the cave

Clip 6 – Encounter in the snow

Clip 7 – Fight in the snow (over 2 minutes!)

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