7 DAYS IN HELL Teaser Sets Andy Samberg and Kit Harington As Tennis Rivals

     June 5, 2015


Get ready for hot tennis action! HBO has released the first teaser for their upcoming tennis-rivalry mockumentary, 7 Days in Hell, which looks back at the tournament that pitted Andy Samberg‘s Aaron Williams against Kit Harington‘s Charles Poole. The quick glances we get at the film suggests that director Jake Szymanski, a veteran director of Saturday Night Live and numerous Funny or Die sketches, will be making fun of founding works of the mockumentary genre, including The Blair Witch Project. The film will also utilize tennis stars the likes of John McEnroe and Serena Williams to give the film just the slightest hint of legitimacy amongst the seemingly plentiful guffaws. On top of that, the film will co-star Lena Dunham, Will Forte, Michael Sheen, Mary Steenburgen, Karen Gillan, Fred Armisen, Howie Mandel, and June Squibb.


Image via HBO

Otherwise, 7 Days in Hell looks about par for the course, as far as HBO’s comedy films go, stuffing the narrative with as many one-liners, physical gags, and awkward exchanges as possible. And for the most part, that formula has worked in the past, and the fact that Samberg’s abilities as a comedian have expanded exponentially with his work on the under-appreciated Brooklyn Nine-Nine only makes 7 Days in Hell all the more tantalizing. This, of course, is coupled with the fact that we get to watch the head of the Night’s Watch himself shave off the beard, pull the hair back, and get into some lighter clothing than all that stuff that he wears to fend off the impending winter….and, ya know, that humongous army of the undead that seems pretty intent on killing everyone in Westeros.

7 Days in Hell will premiere on HBO on July 11th. Check out the teaser below:

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