7 Movie Clips from AN AMERICAN CAROL

     September 12, 2008

Matt Goldberg wrote something on David Zucker not too long ago….and I agree with what he said. When I was growing up, David Zucker’s name meant something. If he was involved in a movie, I’d want to see it. But now…after years of mediocrity…things have changed.

And after watching the clips below…I think it’s official, David Zucker is dead to me. The man who made “Airplane” and “Top Secret” is no longer with us. The person responsible for the crap below needs to have his DGA card taken away and put out to pasture.

Don’t believe me? Watch these clips. Supposedly the movie is a 21st Century re-telling of the Christmas classic, set in America.

Movie Clip 1 – Voting

Movie Clip 2 – Abolish

Movie Clip 3 – Sailor

Movie Clip 4 – Director

Movie Clip 5 – JFK

Movie Clip 6 – Patton

Movie Clip 7 – Angel of Death

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