7 Movie Clips from SPEED RACER

     April 21, 2008

Since I covered the “Speed Racer” press day on Friday, I got to see the new Wachowski Brothers movie a few nights ago. With the film weeks away from hitting movie screens on May 9th, we’re all under embargo from writing any sort of review.

But…I have to say a few quick words…even if Warner Bros. gets mad at me.

I loved this movie. LOVED. I’ve never seen anything like what the Wachowski’s pulled off with this film, and I really can’t believe they’re the ones who made it. After all, it’s a PG movie that’s made for families to enjoy together.

Also, as dark as “The Matrix” was, this is as bright. It’s like a cartoon, but real. And no matter what you think of the clips, trust me, the movie has a solid story and great action. Kids and racing fans are going to flip out over this film. While you’ve seen some of the action scenes in the trailers and featurettes, I swear there are tons of surprises that you don’t know about.

Finally, while I usually don’t enjoy the performances of children in movies, I have to say, I loved the kid who plays Spritle. And for fans of the cartoon, you’ll get to see a number of funny scenes with Spritle and his pet chimpanzee, Chim Chim.

Since I need to wrap this up so you can watch the 7 movie clips, I’ll finish off by saying if you want to see a great film that you can share with your kids or just enjoy for yourself…this is it. I loved it. Absolutely worth a full price admission and I cannot wait to own this on Blu-Ray. Did I mention I loved it?

Enjoy the clips.

Speed Racer Movie Trailer

Movie Clip 1 – the car is a living breathing thing

Movie Clip 2 – Local fan favorite

Movie Clip 3 – I’ll take racer

Movie Clip 4 – Ninja Attack

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Movie Clip 5 – Ice cave

Movie Clip 6 – We’ve got work to do

Movie Clip 7 – Grand Prix

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