8 Movie Clips from BRONSON – Premiered at Sundance

     January 27, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

A saw a lot of movies at this year’s Sundance. And out of all the films, there was only one performance that absolutely blew me away and that was Tom Hardy in director Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Bronson”.

Trust me, his performance is fearless.

He not only has full nude scenes where he fights multiple prison guards, he literally transforms himself info the character he’s playing. But since most of you probably haven’t heard of “Bronson” yet…here’s the synopsis:

In 1974, a hot headed 19 year old named Michael Peterson decided he wanted to make a name for himself and so, with a homemade sawed-off shotgun and a head full of dreams he attempted to rob a post office.

Swiftly apprehended and originally sentenced to 7 years in jail, Peterson has subsequently been behind bars for 34 years, 30 of which have been spent in solitary confinement. During that time, Michael Petersen, the boy, faded away and ‘Charles Bronson,’ his superstar alter ego, took center stage…

With the same brutal yet operatic flair he brought to his previous films, “The Pusher Trilogy”, director Nicolas Winding Refn gets inside the mind of Bronson, and delivers not only a portrait of an artist bereft of an outlet, but a scathing indictment of celebrity culture as well

If you’d like to read Kenny’s review, click here. He has the same thoughts on Tom Hardy’s performance.

Anyway, while the movie doesn’t yet have domestic distribution, we’ve been given 8 clips from the film so check them out below. I think you’ll see why both Kenny and I are raving.

Clip 1 – My name is Charles Bronson

Clip 2 – Opening fight

Clip 3 – Walking around cell

Clip 4 – Cheered into prison

Clip 5 – Cup of tea

Clip 6 – You just pissed on a gypsy

Clip 7 – Blue fight montage

Clip 8 – Led back to prison

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