8 Movie Clips from YEAR ONE

     June 12, 2009

year_one_jack black michael cera.jpgOpening next weekend is director Harold Ramis’ “Year One”. The film stars Jack Black and Michael Cera as a couple of lazy hunter-gatherers that are banished from their primitive village and are forced to set off on an epic journey through the ancient world.

The screenplay is by Harold Ramis & Gene Stupnitsky & Lee Eisenberg (“The Office”) from a story by Harold Ramis. The film is produced by Harold Ramis, Judd Apatow, and Clayton Townsend and it also stars David Cross and Hank Azaria.

So to help promote the film, we’ve been provided with 8 clips and you can watch them after the jump. Take a look:

Clip 1 Gathering is challenging

Clip 2 She doesn’t know I exist

Clip 3 Whence comest though

Clip 4 I never got a sword

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