87 Eleven’s Kim Do Nygen on TRON LEGACY

     November 22, 2009

Tron Legacy movie image.jpg

At this weekend’s press junket for Ninja Assassin, I participated in a roundtable interview with 87 Eleven’s Kim Do Nygen.  If you’re not familiar with 87 Eleven, they do stunt coordination, fight choreography, action direction and stunt performing in some of Hollywood’s biggest movies.  Some of their projects are Iron Man 2, The Expendables, Watchmen, The Bourne Identity and Tron Legacy… just to name a few.  Check out their website for the entire list.  It’s impressive.

So when we spoke to Kim Do Nygen from 87 Eleven this weekend, we were able to get him to talk briefly about working on Tron Legacy and how their company got involved.  If you are anxiously awaiting next years cup of awesome that is Tron Legacy, hit the jump for his brief comments.

Question: How involved were you in Tron Legacy or some of the other projects you guys are working on?

tron_legacy_image_light_cycle_01.jpgKim Do Nygen: I worked on Tron as one of the main stunt team for it.  I really can’t say much about it.  I’m part of the main bad guys.

They showed us a clip of somebody in the light scenes flipping and kicking…did you either shoot that demo or demos like that for how the guys are going to move?

Kim Do Nygen: Yeah, the owners were brought the script…they wanted a certain style.  Actually, they wanted ultimate Frisbee guys to begin with and then my bosses said well you might want this instead.  We did a demonstration for them and they loved it.

The thing about the footage that I found is it looks like The Matrix meets Tron.  It’s like this really cool looking film and the 3D stuff looks incredible.  Obviously you have seen stuff, what’s been your take on what you’ve seen?

Tron Legacy Lightcycle Comic-Con viral event Flynns Arcade.jpgKim Do Nygen: It’s going to be…you know I didn’t grow up…I wasn’t old enough to watch Tron at a theater but it feels like when Tron came out it was like this is crazy and new and I think this movie will be the next innovative thing people look at and it’s like back then all over again in this present time.

It’s very impressive to see you do that flip kick from a standing position.  How hard is it to do those in the special effects suits that you have to do to do Tron?

Kim Do Nygen: It makes it difficult.  They’re heavy.  But you’ve got to do it, you’re the stunt guy.  You work with it and they find a way to make it mold right to your body.


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