9 Movie Clips from POSTAL

     May 11, 2008

The filmmaker that you love to hate is back! Yes, Uwe Boll has a new movie arriving on May 23rd and it’s called “Postal.” Again it’s based on a video game, and once again Uwe takes some liberties with the material. Here’s the synopsis:

A religious charlatan (Dave Foley), his mild mannered nephew (Zack Ward) and a gang of bosomy commandos face off against Osama bin Laden and the Taliban in an epic battle that will determine the fate of the world in POSTAL, the latest film from controversial director Uwe Boll (“BloodRayne”).

Boll roasts an entire herd of sacred cows and smashes taboos to smithereens in this over-the-top and hilariously subversive critique of modern day America. Inspired by the notorious videogame of the same name, POSTAL is a jaw-droppingly original spoof of contemporary culture and an equal opportunity offender, lampooning religious extremists, minorities, bureaucrats, immigrants, cops, women, the Holocaust, gun nuts and more with evenhanded abandon.

The outrageous political and social satire stars Zack Ward (“Transformers”), Dave Foley (“News Radio”), J.K. Simmons the (“Spiderman”) trilogy, Jackie Tohn (“On the Lot”), Larry Thomas, the Soup Nazi from (“Seinfeld”), Erick Avari (“Mr. Deeds”) and Verne Troyer (“Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me”).

In the coming days we’ll have a very extensive video interview with Uwe, but until then, enjoy the clips!

Postal Movie Trailer

Movie Clip 1 – Postal dude tries to impress

Movie Clip 2 – Followers

Movie Clip 3 – Osama and George work together

Movie Clip 4 – Verne Troyer is dropped off

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Movie Clip 5 – Uwe Boll explains where he gets his money

Movie Clip 6 – All hell breaks loose

Movie Clip 7 – A plot to end the world

Movie Clip 8 – Osama asks for help

Movie Clip 9 – Terrorists call Osama about the number of virgins

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