A LEGO BRICKUMENTARY Trailer Goes Inside the Wide World of LEGO

     April 30, 2015


The A LEGO Brickumentary trailer has gone online, and I’m so excited to see this movie. I’m a big LEGO fan, and I’ve been interested in this documentary since we reported on it a couple years ago, and especially after it received positive reviews at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

What fascinates me about this trailer is how it looks like the film is trying to cover a lot of ground, but it’s also trying to show how LEGO is unique in fostering both creativity and a culture. When and how does LEGO go from being a toy company and a brand to creating a product that goes far beyond the standard sets they sell? Although I’m someone who likes sticking to the instructions (I find it very relaxing and fun), I’m eager to see the amazing builds that are sure to be on display.

Check out the A LEGO Brickumentary trailer below. Narrated by Jason Bateman, the film opens July 31st.

Here’s the official synopsis for A LEGO Brickumentary:

Oscar winning Director Daniel Junge and Oscar Nominated Director Kief Davidson take us on a journey through the LEGO universe…like you have never seen before. They explore the brick that has captured imaginations for generations and look at the fundamental question…is it a toy or something more? A LEGO® BRICKUMENTARY delves into the extraordinary impact of the LEGO brick and the innovative uses of for it that has sprung up all over the world. The narrative will take us to art galleries full of LEGO creations, introduce us to Master Builders making movies, into the world of LEGO therapy, and bring us along to meet AFOLS (Adult Fans of LEGO), each with amazing stories to tell. A LEGO® BRICKUMENTARY explores the essential nature of human creativity and the ways we seek to build and understand our world.


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