A NEW MOON Rises For Taylor Lautner

     January 8, 2009

Written by Nicole Pedersen

Fans of Taylor Lautner may rest easy – their month-long campaign to keep the sixteen year old actor from being replaced in the upcoming sequel “New Moon” has succeeded. The news from on high (Variety) is that Lautner’s job is safe.

Rumors have been swirling ever since Summit announced their plans to fast-track “New Moon” that Lautner would face inevitable extinction. “Twilight” screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg summed up the problem with keeping him as Jacob:

‘Jacob is a totally different character in New Moon. He’s a foot taller and huge — and he’s supposed to look 25. It’s really a question of whether or not the same actor can play the role.’

Facing reality is not what the whole “Twilight” thing is all about, however. Despite his age, height and weight deficiencies, Lautner campaigned tirelessly for his job – gaining almost 20 pounds and promising “New Moon” director Chris Weitz an additional 10 pounds by March. He also called up his secret weapon – the fans. Petitions were signed, websites launched – honestly, I have been critically silent on the whole “Twilight” phenomenon because these people scare me a little bit.

I got to give the “Twilight” nation props though – when they want something done, it happens – except for maybe that Catherine Hardwicke thing – and we’re all past that now, aren’t we?

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