Aaron Paul and Emily Ratajkowski on Their Thriller ‘Welcome Home’

     November 16, 2018


With director George Ratliff’s thriller Welcome Home opening in theaters and On Demand this weekend (it premiered exclusively on DIRECTV), I recently sat down with Aaron Paul and Emily Ratajkowski for a wide-ranging exclusive interview. If you’re not familiar with Welcome Home, the film is about a couple (Paul and Ratajkowski) trying to fix their marriage by renting a beautiful home in the Italian countryside. Unfortunately, a local neighbor uses his good looks and charm to manipulate the couple into turning against each other with dangerous results.

During the interview, the two stars talked about meeting for the first time, how the film plays on the fear that you never really know what you’re stepping into when you rent a place from a random homeowner, memorable moments from filming in Italy, why they each put on weight during filming, how much they are usually told about a story prior to reading a script, and a lot more.


Image via Vertical Entertainment

In addition, if you missed Aaron Paul and Emily Ratajkowski playing “Ice Breakers,” you can click here to check it out. If you’ve never seen it, it’s a fun game that includes questions like which TV show you would want to guest star on, what’s your favorite sci-fi/fantasy movie, which film scared you as a kid, what you collect, if you own any movie/TV show props, what’s your phone background photo, and more. I’ve found the game always leads to learning some fun stuff about the people we interview and this one was no different. After all, did you know Aaron Paul was a massive fan of Lost? Or that Emily Ratajkowski loves Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings?

Check out what Paul and Ratajkowski had to say about Welcome Home in the player above and  below is exactly what we talked about and the Welcome Home trailer.


Image via Vertical Entertainment

Aaron Paul & Emily Ratajkowski:

  • Did Emily take the gig to be able to geek out about Breaking Bad for a few weeks with Aaron?
  • Was Aaron promised that all his drinking scenes would have Pappy van Winkle whiskey?
  • How the film plays on the fear that you never really know what the homeowners have set up when you rent a place.
  • How much are they told about a story prior to reading the script?
  • Were they nervous when they met for the first time?
  • How did they not put on twenty pounds from filming in Italy?
  • How the house they shot at in Italy was a winery.
  • Memorable moments from filming in Italy.

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