Aaron Sorkin Being Courted to Pen Steve Jobs Biopic

     October 24, 2011


Mere days after the incredibly sad passing of pioneer Steve Jobs, we reported that Sony had acquired the rights to the authorized biography by Walter Isaacson and was planning a biopic. Jobs’ life is definitely one of great interest, but nailing down a tactful film based on his life is going to be a very tough task. Sony seems to be moving ahead with the film, and apparently Aaron Sorkin is being courted to take on scripting duties. Sorkin is an inspired choice, and I could really think of no one better to capture the visionary spirit of Jobs. Though no decisions have been made, the Social Network writer is said to be considering the prospect. Hit the jump for more.

aaron-sorkin-imageSorkin is actually a pretty perfect choice for the job. His knack for offbeat characters is spot-on for Jobs’ unique life, and we all know he can do non-fiction like nobody’s business. 24 Frames has the story and says that producers are currently courting the West Wing scribe for the job. The writer turned in an Academy Award-winning script for Sony’s The Social Network, so one can see how the studio would be sweet on bringing him aboard the biopic. Sorkin and Jobs actually have a history, as the two were acquaintances. After Jobs’ death, Sorkin wrote an eloquent piece on the Apple CEO, revealing that Jobs once asked the scribe to pen a Pixar movie for him. Sorkin declined, saying he couldn’t make inanimate objects talk.  Personally, I’m pulling for Sorkin to take the gig as I think he’d knock it out of the park. For now, we’ll have to wait and see. The co-writer of sure-to-be awards contender Moneyball is currently working on his new series for HBO that centers on a cable news program.



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