ABC and Josh Friedman Close to Reviving CHARLIE’S ANGELS for Television

     November 12, 2009


After two blockbuster films and two prior attempts at a TV comeback, the classic 70s action show Charlie’s Angels could soon be returning to television on ABC with Sarah Connor Chronicles creator Josh Friedman giving orders through the speaker box.  The remake would be updated to the modern day and geared towards a new audience while still paying homage to the original.  Hit the jump for more details along with a timeline of how many attempts have been made to bring Kelly Garrett, Jill Munroe, and Sabrina Duncan back to the small screen.

charlies_angels_1976_jaclyn_smith_farrah_fawcett_kate_jackson_01.jpgAccording to Variety, ABC is close to giving a pilot order for a modern version of Aaron Spelling’s 1976 hit action show, Charlie’s Angels with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles creator Josh Friedman set to write and executive produce the show.  Leonard Goldberg, who launched the series with Spelling, and Drew Barrymore, who produced and starred in the 2000 and 2003 film adaptations, will both serve as producers on the show.

The original Charlie’s Angels ran from 1976-81 and began its run starring Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, and the recently deceased Farrah Fawcett.  Spelling attempted a revival in 1988 with Angels 88 but never got off the ground, although it did lead to Spelling producing the original Beverly Hills 90210.  The franchise enjoyed a revival with McG’s Charlie’s Angels and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle starring Cameron Diaz, Barrymore, and Lucy Liu.  This revival led to an attempt to get a TV show going again with a script by Carlton Cuse pre-Lost and John Wirth, but the script didn’t receive a pilot.  This time, however, the pilot is expected to get the green light.  I think there’s definitely a place for a group of sexy lady spies kicking ass in prime time.  Why should Chuck and Burn Notice have all the fun?