Watch: Actors on Actors Interviews Include Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone, Michael Shannon and More

     December 5, 2016


It’s awards season, which means we’re in the thick of performers and films vying for attention in the all-important campaign stage. But it also means the season of roundtable interviews has arrived, which is always a favorite of mine. While the Oscar campaigning process can be a little icky, it’s always great to see a variety of performers and filmmakers brought together to discuss their respective films, filmographies, and film in general in a relaxed setting.

Such is the case with Variety’s “Actors on Actors” series, in which the trade has paired a hodgepodge of performers to interview each other. Indeed, as opposed to a journalist or host moderating the conversations, these discussions are free-flowing between two actors, and the pairings are as follows: Ryan Reynolds and Taraji P. Henson, Adam Driver and Michael Shannon, Tom Hanks and Viola Davis, Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams, Amy Adams and Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Molly Shannon, Matthew McConaughey and Jeff Bridges, Nicole Kidman and Casey Affleck, and Annette Bening and Naomie Harris.

The result is a delightful series of half-hour conversations that will no doubt be of interest to our cinephile readership. The Reynolds/Henson talk is laden with comedy, obviously, while Adams and Garfield get introspective about the challenges of blockbuster filmmaking. Of course, Shannon and Driver make for a terrifically entertaining pairing, and the laid-back nature of McConaughey and Bridges is possibly the coolest of the bunch. But from a cinephile perspective, I’d argue the Hanks/Davis discussion is a must-watch. It’s two impeccably talented performers getting candid and technical about the acting process and their unique experiences. If you’re interested in how two of the best actors alive prepare and approach the art of acting, it’s a necessity.

Peruse the various interviews below, via Variety, and sound off with your favorites in the comments section. And if you’ve missed any of my awards coverage this season, click here to catch up on Oscar Beat—including predictions.

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