Watch Adam Driver Make Kylo Ren an ‘Undercover Boss’ in SNL Skit

     January 17, 2016


There was a lot of anticipation surrounding Adam Driver hosting Saturday Night Live this week, especially after a particularly great set of promos landed that embraced both his odd, quirky delivery and of course his role as Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Ultimately, though, SNL didn’t seem to do much with Driver’s appearance, except for this clip spoofing the show Undercover Boss.

If you aren’t familiar with the show, the CBS reality show invites CEOs to disguise themselves and spend time working among the lowliest staff members, observing the day-to-day business at their company’s ground level. It helps them find systemic issues with their company, and also get a sense of what employees really think of them (and what they go through — usually embarrassing themselves by performing regular tasks badly). On the flip side, great employees are often rewarded afterwards, and bad employees are usually given opportunities to change (and in rare cases, are fired).

In the SNL clip, Driver’s Kylo Ren goes undercover at Starkiller Base, and the skit does a great job of capturing Undercover Boss‘ tone and setup. That, mixed with Kylo Ren’s mixture of uncertainty and anger makes for a hilarious scenario (although my favorite parts were just the Stormtroopers wandering around). Check it out below:

“I have not had my muffin yet, Matt!”

Of course, the stakes are escalated since it’s Kylo Ren, and in one of the funnier moments, he opines, “hearing Zack lost his son really struck a nerve with me. Especially because I was the one that killed him.” And then the card! Of course, Kylo Ren’s petulance always wins out, and despite his momentary desire to change, um … he’s still terrible. But Driver’s portrayal of him has already become iconic, and until the next film, there’s always Emo Kylo Ren.

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Image via Lucasfilm


Image via Lucasfilm