Adam McKay in Talks to Direct ANT-MAN for Marvel [Update: McKay Has Now Exited the Film, Comments on Meeting]

     May 31, 2014


Just yesterday, we reported that Dodgeball director Rawson Marshall Thurber was leading the trio of directors who were being eyed to replace Edgar Wright on Marvel’s Ant-Man.  Now, it looks like Adam McKay is the one who’s actually in talks to take on the job.  Wright recently departed the project (one he’s been attached to since 2006, before the dawn of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe) over disagreements with script changes, leaving the studio without a leader at the helm.  Keen to keep their July 17, 2015 release date in place, Marvel moved rather quickly to find a replacement.  While McKay is certainly an accomplished director of the funnies, he’s an interesting choice if only because his comedic and directing style is so different from Wright’s.  Hit the jump for more.

[Update: Wow, this project may actually be cursed. McKay was poised to sign his contract today, but THR reports that he has now pulled out of the film completely, adding that the decision was his alone. I guess this leaves us with Thurber or Ruben Fleischer. Read McKay’s comments on the matter after the jump.]

adam-mckay-ant-manHeat Vision confirms AICN’s report that McKay has entered into talks with Marvel to direct Ant-Man, outpacing contenders Thurber and Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer.  Ant-Man stars Paul Rudd in the title role, which makes for a cozy actor/director relationship as McKay previously directed him in each of the Anchorman films.  This shorthand likely helped McKay’s cause greatly, as it’s being reported that Marvel didn’t so much as meet with Thurber or Fleischer.

McKay taking over the helm of Ant-Man is interesting for a number of reasons.  First of all, it probably means that he’s more accepting of the script changes offered up by Marvel’s in-house writers, changes that forced Wright off the project.  Second, it likely alters the tone of the film, as McKay’s free-flowing, improvisational style of directing is quite distinct from Wright’s carefully constructed scene work.  Finally, from a filmmaking standpoint, both Wright and McKay have proven themselves quite capable of handling action-comedies.  However, I think this video helps to sum up the differences between their two styles:

Ant-Man opens July 17, 2015.



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