Adam McKay’s THE BOYS Finds a New Home at Paramount

     August 17, 2012

Adam McKay‘s feature directing career has always been for Will Ferrell comedies, but for the past several years, McKay has had his eye on adapting Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson‘s comic book series, The Boys.  The comic centers on a group of special agents who are tasked with policing the world’s superheroes and villains by any means necessary.  McKay wanted to make a $100 million hard-R anti-superhero movie, and that pitch tends to make studio executives choke, especially when the property isn’t already established with mainstream audiences.  Earlier this year, Columbia passed on The Boys, which was disappointing but not too surprising.

However, the movie may have found new life over at Paramount.  Hit the jump for more.

Yesterday, Twitter user GhostPanther (great handle) expressed his disappointment that The Boys was no longer happening, but McKay responded:

I’m still not sure if The Boys will ever reach the screen.  It’s difficult enough for an established superhero to get an R-rated movie, so an indie comic book is a long shot.  If McKay was able to get enough star power behind the flick, it might have a chance at happening, and in March 2011, McKay said he had talked with Russell Crowe about playing the lead role.   He also said the role of “Hughie” is Simon Pegg‘s if he wants it.

I like McKay’s ambition, and The Other Guys proves he has no problem directing action.  Even if The Boys doesn’t reach theaters, I would like to see him direct a non-comedy that doesn’t star Will Ferrell simply to see what McKay would do with it.


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