Watch Adam Sander’s Chris Farley Memorial from His Latest Netflix Standup Special

     December 18, 2018

adam-sandler-chris-farley-tribute-videoAdam Sandler‘s latest Netflix original isn’t a movie filmed in a vacation locale with all of his pals, but a stitched-together standup special that rambles through the veteran comedian’s sex life and career, featuring special appearances by his friends. While Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh–a not-so-subtle jab at the review scores of his films on Rotten Tomatoes–is somewhere between the best and worst of Sandler’s Netflix features, one crowd-pleasing moment was his musical tribute of the late, great Chris Farley.

Sandler himself took to Facebook to post the memorial video. It not only features an original song by Sandler, one of many to be found throughout the special, it shows off a bunch of familiar appearances and characters along with some rarely seen behind-the-scenes footage of Farley, Sandler, and their buds. It’s worth a watch for that alone.

Sandler and Farley might best be remembered as the musical minstrel and his muse, the lunch lady, in a hilarious and timeless Saturday Night Live sketch, just one among many. They also starred together, in various capacities, in the 90s movies Billy Madison, Airheads, and Coneheads. Farley passed away 21 years ago today and would have been 55 this coming February.

Watch Sandler’s tribute below:

The Sandman remembers his dear friend, comedian Chris Farley. ADAM SANDLER: 100% FRESH is now streaming on Netflix.


Image via Netflix


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