Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg Are Father and Son in I HATE YOU DAD

     January 13, 2011


Adam Sandler is in talks to play Andy Samberg’s father in I Hate You Dad though less than twelve years separate their ages in real life. According to THR, “The story centers on a father who moves in on the eve of his son’s wedding and promptly begins feuding with the bride-to-be.”  Columbia Pictures first picked up the project in August 2008 from a script by David Caspe that has since been rewritten by David Wain and Ken Marino (Role Models). 

I Hate You Dad is one of several possible starring vehicles for Sandler including Narco, The $40,000 Man, and Valet Guys with Kevin James.  Sandler will next be seen in Just Go With It opposite Jennifer Aniston (February 11th), followed by Jack and Jill opposite Adam Sandler in drag later in the year.  Samberg has supporting roles in the upcoming big screen comedies Friends With Benefits and What’s Your Number.

With all due respect to Kevin James, Samberg/Sandler is a more exciting comedic prospect if only thanks to the novelty.  And that’s before you factor in the invigorating potential of a script from Wain and Marino.

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