Adam Sandler Movies on Netflix, Ranked

     June 14, 2019


Adam Sandler is one of the more divisive actor/writer/comedians working in Hollywood today. From his early stand-up beginnings, to his comedic songs on Saturday Night Live, to his chaotic career in feature films, Sandler has cultivated a fan following over his more than 25 years in the biz. There are certainly highs and lows to be found in his numerous performances, but he’s also churned out so many comedies that there’s likely to be at least one movie in his filmography for everyone.

With that in mind, we turned to Netflix to find out just which Sandler movies are available to stream. While it’s a fairly small selection considering just how many movies he has on his resume, there are enough of them to please (and infuriate) all sorts of fans.

From Worst to First, here are all of Adam Sandler’s movies on Netflix, ranked, including the most recent release, Murder Mystery:

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