Watch: Adele’s “Hello” Sung By Movie Characters Is Still Emotional

     December 3, 2015


Adele’s record-breaking “Hello” has become the source of various addictive parodies, including the one where Captain America: Civil War becomes an emotional love story between Steve Rogers and his “friend” Bucky Barnes. Now another one has been added to the mix. In the grand tradition of recreating hits like Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” and Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby,” a new video cuts together various movie scenes to sing “Hello.”

Is it so wrong that, even with the likes of Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze, Maggie Smith’s Professor McGonagall, and Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat contributing to this massive rendition, I still get emotional when I hear that familiar sequence of piano chords? YouTuber Matthijs Vlot is the one behind this impressive mash-up, and all of his experience has been leading up to this viral moment. A quick browse through the video credits on his channel will reveal supercuts of lines like “What do you mean?,” “I love you,” and even “Hello” from various films.

Watch Vlot’s latest video below.

As we’ve seen from that SNL Thanksgiving sketch, Adele’s music can quell even the most furious storms. But one thing it can’t do is hold back the floodgates of tears streaming from our faces. Even Homer can’t keep it together at the end of the mash-up.

The original music video, which smashed Vevo’s viewing records, was shot using IMAX cameras, which is why it looks so stunning. Though most of us enjoy a solid parody video of the hit song every now and then, by the time the Grammys roll around, you know Adele will probably pick up a few awards along the way. In 2011, the British artist took home six Grammys, including ones for Album, Record, and Song of the Year. With our Adele obsession rekindled, here’s hoping for a repeat.


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