Adrian Pasdar from HEROES, Eureka Producer Jaime Paglia and DVD Producer Charlie de Lauzirika – Exclusive Video Interviews

     July 2, 2008

Last week I attended the 34th Annual Saturn Awards and as I promised yesterday… here are the final three interviews!

So posted below are Adrian Pasdar from “Heroes,” “Eureka” Producer Jaime Paglia, and DVD producer Charlie de Lauzirika. If you don’t recognize Charlie’s name…he did the recent box set of “Blade Runner.”

While I tried to get Adrian to talk about the upcoming season of “Heroes,” you’ll see he was pretty guarded… Thankfully, Jaime Paglia was a bit more forthcoming about the upcoming season of “Eureka.”

And one last thing before the interviews. I want to say thanks to everyone who gave me their time at the Awards show. And with that…enjoy the last few interviews.

Adrian Pasdar Video Interview – Saturn Awards 2008

  • Has he been to the Saturn Awards before
  • What is his favorite sci-fi stuff
  • How does the paparazzi affect the show
  • Does he enjoy the recognition that comes with the show
  • Is he going to Comic-Con – says he is going
  • Can he walk the convention floor
  • I ask about the quality of the scripts this year

Producer Jaime Paglia Eureka Video Interview

  • What’s going on with the show at the Saturn’s
  • What can fans look forward to this season on Eureka
  • Are they reorganizing the global technologies again
  • What are they doing at Comic-Con – a sneak preview screening of the season premiere and a panel

Charlie de Lauzirika Video Interview

  • Where are the awards going in the house
  • Was there anything Blade Runner related that didn’t make it into the set and what’s been the fans reaction
  • How have the sales of the box set been
  • He says he’s working on the DVD of Body of Lies right now

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