AFM Coverage: New Images, Posters and Synopses for THE HORSEMAN, THE CUP, THE DEVIL’S DOUBLE, More

     November 23, 2009


By now you’ve probably noticed that Steve got an ungodly amount of material from this year’s American Film Market (AFM).  The place where buyers and sellers do business to bring you the films you’ll hopefully be seeing in the near future, AFM has tons of artwork and synopses which are used to promote films but which we will use to bring you news on these films.

Below you’ll find images and synopses for From Time to Time, Love Hurts, The Cup, The Devil’s Double, The Horseman, The Steal Artist and Wedding Bros. Hit the jump to check them all out. Also, all the synopses are copied down directly from the original materials with no editorial alterations. You can read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6 by click on their respective links.

FROM TIME TO TIME, directed by Julian Fellowes (Oscar®-winning screenwriter of Gosford Park)

In this haunting ghost story, Julian Fellowes has created two distinct worlds in times of war, two centuries apart, linked by a single family and the mysterious house in which they live.  It is a charming and unique story about life, death, and the importance of hope.

When thirteen year old Tolly returns to Green Knowe for Christmas, his father is missing in action and his enigmatic grandmother does all she can do to distract him.  Tolly is enchanted by the wonderful, ancient house, fully of mystery and is determined to unravel its secret.  His curiosity fast draws him into the summer of 1809 during the Napoleonic wars.  A time he finds he can not only visit, but where he seems to be a ghost, invisible to all but children, yet able to witness and influence the unfolding drama.

With the help of the blind, but brave young Susan and her adored companion Jacob, he begins to solve mysteries that have bewildered the family for over a century.  Who stole a fortune of precious jewels and what started the great fire that engulfed the house?  What ultimately became of his new friends and ancestors and will his father ever come home?

It’s a magical adventure and journey of self-discovery that leads Tolly to understand one of life’s most important lessons.

From Time to Time promo movie poster AFM 2009 1.jpg

From Time to Time promo movie poster AFM 2009.jpg

LOVE HURTS, directed by Barra Grant (Life of the Party)

Ben Bingham (Richard E. Grant) has slipped into the complacency of a daily routine, unlike his vibrant wife Amanda (Carrie-Anne Moss).  When she finally leaves him, Ben is at a loss.  He refuses to get out of his pajamas until his popular 17-year-old son (Johnny Pacar) takes over.  He updates Ben’s “look” and pushes him out into the social scene.  Before Ben knows what is happening, he is the most popular single man in town, pursued by his nurse (Jenna Elfman), his trainer (Janeane Garofalo), and karaoke-singing twins.  Things change when Justin falls in love for the first time and Ben is forced to refocus, recapture his humanity, his heart, and most importantly his wife…who is now with another man.

Love Hurts 1 promo movie poster AFM 2009.jpg

Love Hurts promo movie poster AFM 2009.jpg

THE CUP, directed by Simon Wincer (Free Willy)

THE CUP is a gripping true story about brotherly love and the struggle to succeed.  Jockey Damien Oliver rose up against the odds to win one of the most pretigious horse races in the world, the Australian Melbourne Cup.

Dermot Weld, Ireland’s greatest horseman and thoroughbred trainer, prepares his team for the big race.  He’s got one steady, consistent horse, Vinnie Roe, and another Media Puzzle, a monstrous horse known for his unpredictability and attitude.  Damien Oliver, the younger son of the famous Australian jockey, Ray Oliver, is roped in to ride Media Puzzle.

Dermot’s fiercest rival, Sheikh Mohammed, the Crown prince of Dubai, is the owner of the world’s ‘winningest’ stables.  Runner-up at the previous two Melbourne Cups, he’s anxious to make this his first win and prepares for his own entry.

In the media frenzy and heightened anticipation of the race, the rivals descend with their precious cargo in Melbourne.  Media Puzzle wins in an upset at trials, which are broadcast all over Australia.  Media Puzzle is now a serious contender for the prize.

But a tragedy occurs at the Perth racing track.  Damien’s brother, Jason, also a jockey, has been in an accident.  He is rushed to the hospital but never regains consciousness and dies a week before the big race.  Damien is devastated.  The news spreads through Australia as Damien struggles with his grief, trying to determine whether to race or pull out.  But when he is told by family members that Jason always considered Damien a hero, he decides to race for his brother.

As the race begins, Damien and Media Puzzle lag behind as the other horses fight for the lead.  Sighting the finish line, Damien loosens the reigns.  Media Puzzle races ahead and pulls ahead of Vinnie Roe, winning by a length.  Damien and Media Puzzle win the Melbourne Cup in an unforgettable story that captured the attention – and the hearts – of the world.

The Cup promo movie poster AFM 2009.jpg

THE DEVIL’S DOUBLE, directed by Lee Tamahori (Next)

1989, Pre-war BAGDAD: the playground for the idle, rich and infamous.  Everything goes, everyone can be bought…for a price.  This is the hunting ground of Iraq’s Black Prince, UDAY HUSSEIN.

Your new flashy Ferrari, your wife, your daughter, your blood.  Nobody refuses UDAY HUSSEIN and lives to tell the tale.  He has a depraved lust for debauchery and corruption, and helps himself to whatever turns him on.

When the war hero lieutenant LATIF YAHIA is summoned in UDAY’S realms, he is offered the devil’s bargain: he must become UDAY’s fidei, his body double, or condemn his family to death.

No longer LATIF YAHIA, he is now UDAY HUSSEIN.  As UDAY’s double, LATIF spirals into the giddy excesses of UDAY’s monstrous underworld of self-indulgence and shameless violence; until one day he looks in the mirror and does not recognize the man staring back at him.

In a world built on corruption and deceit, knowing who to trust becomes a matter of life or death for LATIF as he battles to escape from his forced existence as The Devil’s Double.

SARAB, UDAY’S whore and BAGDAD’s most notorious concubine, is the unlikely ally who will help LATIF escape from his hell.

Based on Latif’s own bestselling books, “The Devil’s Double” and “I Was Saddam’s Son”, The Devil’s Double provides a chilling insight into the House of Saddam through the eyes of the man who knew too much.

The Devils Double promo movie poster AFM 2009 1.jpg

The Devils Double promo movie poster AFM 2009.jpg

THE HORSEMAN, directed by Steven Kastrisslos

An action-packed, multi-award winning Australian thriller, THE HORSEMAN features a range of powerhouse performances in an unflinching depiction of grief and revenge.  After learning of the suspicious death of his daughter, Christian (Peter Marshall) is sent a chilling video of what may have been her last hours alive.  Setting out to find answers, he soon spirals into violence and recklessness as he follows the links through the industry with his unique methods of brutal questioning.  While hunting down each man in the video, he reluctantly picks up Alice (Caroline Marohasy), an awkward young runaway, and an unlikely bond develops.

The Horseman promo movie poster AFM 2009 1.jpg

The Horseman promo movie poster AFM 2009.jpg

THE STEAL ARTIST, directed by Risa Bramon Garcia (200 Cigarettes)

A smart and sexy romantic comedy with an action twist.  Vince (Rossif Sutherland) is an ex-con on parole after five years in prison for a heist gone wrong.  He wants to go straight, but his former boss and loan shark, the dangerously quirky Kranski (Donald Sutherland) reminds him in no uncertain terms that he has a big debt to pay and won’t be free until he pays it off.

Discouraged, Vince resumes his life of petty crime and works days in Kranski’s auto body shop.  On the side, he continues with a hobby he developed while in jail – metal sculpture.  After a night of furiously working out his frustration and rage with a welding torch and a pile of scrap metal, he collapses exhausted, just as super-hot art dealer Belinda (Rebecca Romijn) brings in her car for servicing.  She takes one look at Vince’s sculpture and knows he’s the next big thing.  She fully intends to cash in.

Belinda sells Vince’s sculpture for an outrageous price, and soon Vince is the talk of the art circuit.  Everyone wants to meet him.  Vince is uncomfortable with the attention, but figures he will be able to pay off Kranski sooner than expected.  He starts to think about his future, a future that might include Belinda’s beautiful assistant, Kristen (Sarah Roemer), if he can get away from Belinda, who has her clutches into him deep.

And if that wasn’t enough, Kranski finds out about Vince’s new business and threatens him if Vince doesn’t share the spoils with Kranski and his boys.  Fed up, Vince and Kristen concoct an elaborate scheme to put Kranski out of business for once and for all – if someone doesn’t get killed first.

The Steal Artist promo movie poster AFM 2009 1.jpg

The Steal Artist promo movie poster AFM 2009.jpg

WEDDING BROS, directed by Marco Ricci (Hyper)

For the past 5 years, 3 months, and 26 days (not that they’re counting), Anthony and Carmine Marconi have been dutifully serving out life sentences in the family carpet business.  But a run-in with Lou, a playboy and king of the Long Island wedding video business, leads the brothers to unexpectedly join the outrageously zany world of wedding videography.  A mentally unstable boss, wild and crazy brides, and nervous grooms make Wedding Bros one event you don’t want to miss!

Wedding Bros 1 promo movie poster AFM 2009.jpg

Wedding Bros promo movie poster AFM 2009.jpg

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