BLACK SWAN Writer Mark Heyman to Script Sci-Fi AGE OF RAGE for Marc Webb

     January 26, 2011


Back in 2008, music video director Marc Webb began to develop the sci-fi project Age of Rage based on his own idea.  Since then his debut feature (500) Days of Summer was an indie hit, which thrust Webb into production on the Spider-Man reboot for the forseeable future.  Webb hasn’t decided on what film he’ll shoot after Spider-Man, but Age of Rage ranks high on the list of possibilities.

Fox Searchlight has just signed Mark Heyman (Black Swan) to write the script.  According to Heat Vision, Age of Rage “is set in a post-apocalyptic society where all the adults have died and a group of teens sets about trying to establish a new society.”  Count me in.  I hope Webb gets a chance to cleanse his palate with this relatively smaller Fox Searchlight film before he’s called to the set of a Spider-Man sequel.  Heyman is currently working on an adaptation of Max Berry’s Machine Man, which should reunite him with Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky.

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