‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Video Recap Show: Lash-ing Out

     October 21, 2015


Lash is once again on the attack. He’s been using a computer virus attached to emails that his fellow Inhumans receive. It allows him to track them down the Inhumans. Daisy and Mack are on the hunt too, but all they come across is the ATCU. Daisy is not thrilled with the idea of sharing information with Rosalind and her team but Coulson sees it as the only way. Eventually they track the emails to another Inhuman, Fry, whose ability is like a divining rod that can tell when Inhumans are around but he’s working with Lash. When the truck taking Fry and the team back to ATCU headquarters is attacked by Lash, Fry is killed but he lets Daisy live. In a big twist we see Lash can transform to human form…but who is he?

Meanwhile Hunter has put vengence above all else in his hunt for Ward. May, concerned, asks Coulson for backup. But when Hunter finally gets into Hydra’s inner sanctum he decides to go guns blazing. May and Hunter take out most of Wards men but were forced to stop when it’s revealed he has Andrew surrounded by his men. May decides to back down but Hunter doesn’t care, risking Andrew’s life by going after Ward. Ward is shot but was able to escape and because of Hunter’s actions Andrew could be dead.

In the recap the crew discusses the return of Lash. The debate on how he looks is brought up again and Arron still isn’t thrilled with his “limp dreads.” We return to the topic of if S.H.I.E.L.D. and the ATCU can co-exist. And clearly the sexual tension between Coulson and Rosalind is noticeable even to Daisy. The crew loved the action scene of Hunter attacking Hydra but wish we had gotten another episode or two of him undercover. The big debate comes over Andrew’s death. Is he really gone? We don’t think so but only time will tell. Could Lash be anyone we’ve seen already? Josh has a theory and it just might be right. Is Lash actually Andrew?

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