Limited Paper: AKIRA Print Update from Artist Alexander Iaccarino

     August 19, 2012


A few weeks back, Limited Paper pointed you in the direction of a brand-new poster based on the 80’s manga classic, Akira.  That piece—created by a relative newcomer by the name of Alexander Iaccarino—was impressive enough to go from “virtually unknown” to “completely sold out” in just under 24 hours.  Indeed, we immediately picked up a 24×36” edition of the poster, and (if your emails are any indication) so did a bunch of you.

Well, since we all placed our orders on the same day, it’s likely that—like us– you’re wondering when said poster is gonna arrive.  This week, we requested an update on Akira’s shipping progress, and were delighted when Alex got back to us with good news and some exclusive new photos.  Wanna check out those photos, find out what Alex had to say, and learn when your posters might start arriving?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Like it says in the intro above, we probably never would’ve come across Alexander Iaccarino’s Akira poster had it not been for a few fellow collectors pointing us in its direction:  after photos of the piece started circulating online a few weeks ago, we immediately clicked over to Iaccarino’s website, That Kid Who Draws.  We were surprised to see that–yup, sure enough—the piece was still for sale.  We immediately picked up a 24×36” edition of the print, and I couldn’t help but include Alex’s piece in that day’s installment of Limited Paper.  The next day, we learned that Akira—a poster that was on virtually no one’s radar just 24 hours prior– had sold out.


Well, we expected that Alex would have his hands full in the wake of that massively successful sale, so we did what we always do when we’re trying to make the wait for a newly-purchased print go by quicker:  we just stopped thinking about the damn thing.   Then, this past Tuesday, I suddenly realized that my walls were alarmingly light on Akira-based artwork.  Hadn’t I taken steps to fix that just a few weeks ago?   I got back in touch with Alex, and—along with an update—he also took the time to tell us a little bit about what life was like in the days after that unexpectedly huge sale:

I was not expecting such a response to the Akira poster but I did my best to handle the sold out run. Due to confusion of paper type and a high-demand for Giclee prints, I ended up personally responding to over 200 emails over the next two weeks. In the end, the 24×36 poster was offered in 12pt Gloss, 6mil Matte, and Giclee. Although in different paper types, there are only 100 out there of the 24×36.  The 11×17’s are on a 12pt Matte and also a limited run of 100 (still available). In the future I will only be printing on one paper type yet to be decided. It’s been a stressful experience but at the same time I am truly inspired by the response and consider this a great learning experience. All prints will be shipped this week except for the Giclee’s which will go out next week. The next run will go much smoother I promise. To stay in the loop on upcoming posters you can join my mailing list at I want to thank everyone for their purchase, patience, and support!

So, there ya have it, folks!  If you ordered anything other than the Giclee edition of Alex’s piece, you can expect your poster to be in the mail this week.  Those of us that went with the Giclee option?  Just one more week until those kick-ass posters start making their way through the mail, and from the looks of these new photos Alex sent us, it’s going to be well worth the wait.  Let’s take a look at some of those pics now:




As Alex has already pointed out, you can head on over to to get signed up on dude’s official mailing list!  For what it’s worth, a little birdie dropped some details about Alex’s next project in our lap last week…and it sounds like something that’s going to be right up many of our alleys (can’t say much, but we can say this:  the next poster produced by “That Kid Who Draws” is going to have some serious backing).  If you’re a fan of Alex’s work on Akira, you should definitely get on that mailing list and follow us on Twitter @Limited Paper:  as soon as we’ve got the go-ahead to start pulling back the curtain, we’ll be posting links to the info their first!

And what of the rest of you?  What of the gallery owners, the other artists, the poster-enthusiasts who are just dying to share a hint about an upcoming print (or, hell, why not:  an entire series)?  For you, we recommend dropping us a line at  we’re always happy to feature new artists, gallerys, and artwork here at Limited Paper, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve got something you think we’d like!  Everyone else?  You’ve been relegated to the featureless void of the comments section:  use it will, and keep your eyes peeled for even more Limited Paper in the near future!

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