Alamo Drafthouse Coming to Los Angeles?

     April 10, 2013


Cinephiles’ theater of choice may finally be heading to the Los Angeles area.  The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema—which was founded in 1997 in Austin, Texas—has gained notoriety over the years for its strict enforcement of audience etiquette as well as its pristine presentation of the films it screens, and now Downtown News reports that the Drafthouse is finally heading to L.A.  Apparently the theater will be built next to the Medallion apartments at Fourth and Main, where the 30,000 square-foot single story building will house eight screens.

News of a Drafthouse coming to L.A. has yet to be confirmed, but the report claims that the theater is set to open in approximately a year and a half.  The chain now has multiple theaters open in Texas, Kansas City, and Virginia, with theaters under construction in San Francisco, Colorado, New York City, Michigan, and Ashburn, Virginia.


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