Alan Moore Blasts Comic Book Movies – Again!

     February 11, 2009

Written by Nicole Pedersen

We are just a scant month away from having a feature-length version of “Watchmen” to love and obsess over…. Excuse me while I take a deep, cleansing breath because it’s still hard for me to believe. One man who is adamantly NOT joining in the Snyder/”Watchmen” love-fest is the graphic novel’s creator Alan Moore. The man has been a vocal opponent to the project from the outset and I blame the film’s constant legal troubles on the Rorschach voodoo doll that Moore keeps in his closet and pricks every time he needs to feel he hasn’t lost control…

Not one to let us forget how unintelligent the people who adapt comic-movies really are, Alan Moore recently spoke with the folks over at Total Film to decry the state of the modern comic-based motion picture industry. Here’s a sample of the vitriol:

“The main reason why comics can’t work as films is largely because everybody who is ultimately in control of the film industry is an accountant.

These people may be able to add up and balance the books, but in every other area they are stupid and incompetent and don’t have any talent.

The more money that’s involved in a project the less imagination there will be in the project, and vice versa. If you’ve got zero budget, you’re John Waters, you’re Jean Cocteau, you’re going to make a brilliant film.”

To hear more from the brilliant Moore, including the pitch he heard for a movie called “The League of Extradinary Animals”, click here.

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