Screenplays for Albert Einstein Biopic, LAYOVER, and WAKE Closer to the Big Screen

     June 4, 2010


In recent days, money has changed hands between studios and screenwriters over a trio of interesting projects:

  • OddLot Entertainment hired Stephen Schiff to pen a screenplay about the life of Albert Einstein
  • Endgame Entertainment has secured the action thriller script for Layover from greenhorn Zach Dean
  • Hammer Films hopes to launch an action franchise with Chris Borrelli’s Wake

Hit the jump for details on each future movie.

albert_einstein_tongueRisky Business reports that Schiff will script the Albert Einstein biopic with a focus on “the twenty years of the famous scientist’s life leading up to his being awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921.”  Schiff (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps) will draw from the 2007 Walter Isaacson biography Einstein: His Life and Universe, though it won’t be a strict adaptation — Schiff plans on tapping into archived materials at Princeton and Hebrew University for inspiration.

Dean is a newcomer to the scene after teaching film at a New York City high school, but Risky Business reports the former teacher just sold the screenplay for Layover.  The narrative follows “a single father in hiding who must delve back into the sketchy world of his past to find the teenage daughter he loses during a layover in Las Vegas.”  Dean has also earned buzz for his spec script Kin, an “edgy contemporary Western.”

Though details are scarce, THR reports that Chris Borelli’s Wake screenplay is closer to fruition, with Kasper Barfoed attached to direct.  The story is said to be in the vein of The Transporter, with potential to launch a franchise.  Borrelli boosted his reputation with the 2008 “Black List” script for the supernatural thriller Whisper, and recently provoked a bidding war between Lionsgate and Lakeshore for the spec script The Vatican Tapes.

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