Reader Report from the ALCATRAZ Viral Scavenger Hunt

     January 29, 2012

ALCATRAZ Viral Scavenger Hunt slice

Fox is trying some very fun and innovated approaches to marketing its new J.J. Abram’s produced supernatural procedural Alcatraz. The network began its viral campaign by sending a mysterious box to the Collider offices, then followed up with a premiere party on the island itself (Click here for our red carpet coverage). Now that the show is on the air, the Alternate Reality Game is moving ahead full steam.

Last Friday, the studio held a massive scavenger hunt inside of the prison as part of the Collider reader Tucker attended the event and was kind enough to send us a write up and a photo.  Read on for Tucker’s thoughts on the game and a picture of his prizes.

ALCATRAZ Viral Scavenger HuntWe were also on the scene and will have a full, detailed write up and video for you in the next few days, but in the meantime, here is what Tucker has to say.

“Thanks for the heads up about the viral campaign on Alcatraz. We went and checked it out and had a great time. After hearing Jorge Garcia’s voice on the Ferry over, we learned that he needed our help to retrieve a file concerning a mysterious inmate. On the island we were then given a map, pen, and an mp3 player containing some short blurbs by Jorge. Using the map, we spent 2-3 hours exploring Alcatraz – deciphering clues, meeting guards, getting items for inmates, rummaging through books in the prison library, using the city skyline for reference etc. until we finally got access to the infirmary and retrieved the file from a creepy doctor. It was all very cleverly done. Best part was exploring Alcatraz after dark. If really wish the show had more historical mystery like this and was less of a conventional procedural.”


The event was really cool and strange. As with the premiere, we basically had a run of the place. While there were guards on duty and a few roped off areas, all 312 players were more or less permitted to explore the whole of the island in whatever order we pleased.

While none of the cast members were on location, Jorge’s narration added a nice bit of flair to the proceedings, making it all feel like an extension of the show rather than a silly gimmick. I’m not totally sure how all of this will tie into the narrative, or even if it will tie directly to the narrative, but the weird meshing of reality and fiction is very appealing.

Check back in for our full write up and more details on the ARG.

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ALCATRAZ Viral Scavenger Hunt